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Practical Pleat Updraft 5

Updraft Practical Pleat 5" Filter for Air Handler Filter Rack or Reverse Flow Systems - MERV 11 (2 Pack)

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The Updraft Practical Pleat 5" thick pleated filters are designed to fit into air handling units that normally use a 1" filter, but has enough room for a deeper filter; as well as anywhere else where reverse airflow is needed. The airflow is reversed on the Updraft Practical Pleat, note the arrows' direction in the photo. Simply remove your old 1" filter, and slide the Practical Pleat into place! 

2 Pack

Easy to Install simply remove your 1" filter and slide the Practical Pleat in into place, and close the grille

28X Increased Efficiency over standard fiberglass panel filters

4X Longer Lasting than comparable one inch filters

Eliminates Filter Bypass and preserves MERV rating with the included gasket

MERV ratings according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards

Low Pressure Drop - Since the Practical Pleat surface area is 433% greater than a comparable one-inch pleated filter, there is less resistance to air flow. The Practical Pleat MERV 11 filter achieves a reduction in pressure drop of 41%, .09 in W.G. The Practical Pleat MERV 14 filter achieves a reduction of pressure drop of 41%, .16 in W.G.
Can Save Energy - Greater airflow = Less energy usage. This is due to the Practical Pleat's increased surface area and gasket which does not allow particles to bypass the edges of the filter and clog up your AC system's blower and coil.
Made in the USA by Filtration Manufacturing, Inc.

* Independant Laboratory Test - ASHRAE 52.2
MERV = Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value
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