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A+2006 1/2" Thick High Flow Electrostatic Air Filter

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Would you like an electrostatic filter, but your system requires a high-flow filter? Look no further!

The A+2006 permanent washable electrostatic air filter is designed for HVAC systems that require a high-flow filter. Great for geothermal systems that require high flow filters. Electrostatic filters attract and retain dust by using a naturally occurring electrostatic charge that is caused by air movement over the filter media. Electricity is not required.

The benefits of increased air flow:
  • Allows more rapid heating and cooling of home / structure
  • Homogenizes temperatures
  • Decreases energy use
  • Decreases possibility of high pressure overloads and frozen coils
  • Decreases possibility of compressor and blower motor burnout

Limited Lifetime Warranty - for the original purchaser
Installs Easily - Simply remove your throw away filter and replace with the A+2006 filter
Convenient - Eliminates the need to shop for disposable filters
Easy To Clean - Backwash with cold water or vacuum off on a regular schedule
Contains NO Foam - Made of specially woven polypropylene fabric
Pays for Itself - By not having to buy disposable filters ever again
Aluminum Frame
75% Peak arrestance, initial resistance .06 inches W.G.

Dust holding capacity is 82 grams at .50 inches W.G. and 109 grams at 1.00 inches W.G. at 1200 cfm.
Nominal sizing - 1/4" undercut on the length and width as is standard for filter sizing. The thickness is exactly 1/2".  

Use the drop down menu to select the size you need. 

If a size isn't listed, contact us to have your size listed.
A+2006 Filters that are installed in units with UV Light installations are not covered under warranty


Made by Filtration Manufacturing, Inc.

A+2006 standard filter sizes: 
12x20x1 12x24x1 12x25x1 
14x20x1 14x24x1 14x25x1 
14x30x1 16x20x1 16x24x1 
16x25x1 18x20x1 18x24x1 
18x25x1 20x20x1 20x24x1 
20x25x1 20x30x1 24x24x1 
12x20x1/2 12x24x1/2 
12x25x1/2 14x20x1/2 
14x24x1/2 14x25x1/2 
14x30x1/2 16x20x1/2 
16x24x1/2 16x25x1/2 
18x20x1/2 18x24x1/2
18x25x1/2 20x20x1/2 
20x24x1/2 20x25x1/2 
20x30x1/2 24x24x1/2