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A+H2O Under Counter Water Filter Kit, 10" Housing, Cartridge Included!

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Provide your family with a safer, healthier drinking water with the A+H2O In Home Water Filtration System

The A+H2O™ Water Treatment System's "top of the line" filter housings are manufactured from the highest quality NSF listed, FDA grade polypropylene, rated for temperatures up to 125 degrees (F). The A+H2O™ Water Treatment System utilizes the “industry's premier line” of activated carbon block filter cartridges. 

Housing Dimensions: 11.8” height x 4.72” width 

  1. Helps reduce inorganic chemicals such as; arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., that may or may not be in your water
  2. Removes synthetic organic chemicals such as pesticides, PCB’s, solvents, etc., that may or may not be in your water
  3. Reduces turbidity •cloudy water that contains finely divided particles.
  4. 95% reduction of 5-micron particles. 


System includes: 10” housing, 9-3/4” solid carbon block filter cartridge and bracket. 

Requires annual filter change. Replacement filters available here.
Made by Filtration Manufacturing, Inc.