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(8 Pack) Charcoal Polyester Filter Media Pads for Odor Control 1/4" Thick

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Eight pack of charcoal media pads, please choose your size in the drop down menu.

The Charcoal media is made of nonwoven polyester, impregnated with finely ground activated carbon. This filter is ideal for use in non-vented applications such as range hoods, air cleaners, room air-conditioners, and bath fans. Available in ¼” thickness, it can be found in pads and 75’ rolls.

Charcoal media is designed for the removal of odors and gaseous pollutants. It is a simple, low cost alternative for fume and odor control. Fine carbon provides millions of crevices to quickly adsorb odor molecules. This carbon powder is very evenly distributed throughout the lofted polyester media which assures a better capture percentage on the first pass. Charcoal media is only 1/4" thick and fits easily into holding frames and tracks.

Made in the USA

Nominal sizing as per standard, cut within 5/8" of stated dimensions.