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MINI Pleat Fits Honeywell F111 50004739-001 (90-95% ASHRAE) MERV 15 (22x22x4)

MINI Pleat Fits Honeywell F111 50004739-001 (90-95% ASHRAE) MERV 15 (22x22x4)

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Aftermarket replacement filter that fits Honeywell F111, F111A1253, F111C1073, and 11000 series air cleaners, and replaces Honeywell filter part # 50004739-001. 

Actual Size: 22.25" x 22.25" x 3.75"

  • 90-95% ASHRAE
  • MERV 15 as per ASHRAE 52.2
  • Non-shedding, gradient density polypropylene media
  • Frame is constructed of durable hard plastic
  • All filter components are anti-microbial by nature
  • Waterproof construction
  • UL 900 Class 1 U.S. Certified
  • White Media

Environet Mini Pleats are constructed of non-shedding, gradient density, 100% Polypropylene.  The fiber technology is patented, therefore adding many benefits.  The Environet Mini Pleat has low resistance to airflow, high dust holding capacity and long service life.  The media does not support microbial growth and is resistant to most chemicals.

Mini Pleats can be used in a variety of applications. 2” Mini Pleats are most commonly used in applications where technical reliability and a long service life are a must. From HVAC systems in office buildings, schools and factories to the extreme environment of hazardous waste removal and reclamation. Due to the 100% synthetic construction of the Mini Pleats they offer unsurpassed performance in humid and wet conditions.

4” Mini Pleats are also used in applications where a long service life is important. The large media area and the high dust holding capacities lead to fewer filter changes and lower energy costs as pressure drop remains low for longer periods. The high mechanical efficiency of Environet Mini Pleats helps to assure a higher level of indoor air quality to protect people and equipment from the effects of airborne contaminants.