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Honeywell FC40R2003 grille filters 20x20

Honeywell FC40R Return Grille Filter, MERV 10, Choose Size (2 Pack)

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These genuine Honeywell filters provide a high efficiency alternative to standard 1" filters. Mounts in return filter grille assemblies.

  • Low pressure drop
  • MERV 10
  • Lasts up to 6 months each. 
  • 2 Filters Included

Select your size in the drop down menu. 

FC40R1094 - 12x12x5

FC40R1102 - 14x14x5

FC40R1110 - 14x20x5

FC40R1045 - 14x25x5

FC40R1052 - 16x20x5

FC40R1060 - 16x25x5

FC40R1003 - 20x20x5

FC40R1011 - 20x25x5

FC40R1029 - 20x30x5

FC40R1078 - 24x24x5

FC40R1177 - 24x30x5

Each filter is 1/4" undercut on height and width and 5/8" undercut on thickness.