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Permatron Lifestyle Plus electrostatic washable low resistance filter

Permatron LifeStyle Plus Low Resistance High Flow Washable Electrostatic Filter

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Permatron’s LifeStyle Plus washable electrostatic air filter series offers high efficiency air cleaning at an economical price.  Standard disposable filters trap only very large airborne particles.  Not only are these filters less efficient but they tend to clog, restricting air flow which results in increased heating and cooling costs.  LifeStyle Plus are filters are environmentally friendly with no disposable parts, simply wash and reinstall. The LifeStyle Plus air filters deliver the utmost in air filtration thanks to a unique combination of air filter media which is optimized to deliver peak performance. LifeStyle Plus is a great residential air filtration solution that is built to last a lifetime.

  • LifeStyle Plus (Model LR) is designed to meet all current HVAC furnace manufacturer specifications delivering minimal  0.07″ w.g. initial resistance to air flow, while maintaining good arrestance efficiency of 74%.  Ideal for heat pumps, sensitive 90+ efficient furnaces and systems with limited air flow. This durable air filter is constructed with a combination of woven polypropylene media supported by a unique corrugated steel in a stainless steel frame.
Uses natural static electricity to capture airborne particles. Greatly reduces airborne allergy causing contaminants. Green, environmentally friendly product. Washable, cleans up in minutes. 

High quality, durable material backed by a Lifetime Warranty.