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Practical Pleat 5" Filter for 1" Return Grille - MERV 14 (2 Pack)

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2 Pack

While supplies last, the MERV 14 version is being discontinued. 

Practical Pleat 5" thick pleated filters are designed to fit into your standard 1" return filter grille, with no modifications to the grille required! Simply remove your old 1" filter, and slide the Practical Pleat into place! 
MERV 14 removes contaminants such as virus carriers, tobacco smoke, proplet nuclei, lead dust, auto emissions, milled flour, mold spores, hair spray, cement dust, carpet fibers, spray paint dust, animal dander, pollen, and more (see test report below).

28X Increased Efficiency over standard fiberglass panel filters

4X Longer Lasting than comparable one inch pleated filters, each Practical Pleat can last up to 6 months

Eliminates Filter Bypass and preserves MERV rating with the included gasket

MERV ratings according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards
Low Pressure Drop - Since the Practical Pleat surface area is 433% greater than a comparable one-inch pleated filter, there is less resistance to air flow. The Practical Pleat MERV 14 filter achieves a reduction of pressure drop of 41%
Can Save Energy - The Practical Pleat increased surface area allows greater airflow, and the gasket does not allow particles to bypass the edges of the filter and clog up your AC system's blower and coil.

Made in the USA

Practical Pleat MERV 14 specifications:
 - Initial Resistance .16 in W.G @ 1180 cfms
 - Average Dust Weight Arrestance 99%
77% Minimum Efficiencies - 0.3 to 1.0 Micron 
Includes airborne pathogens like smallpox virus, meningitis bacteria, tuberculosis bacteria, anthrax bacteria, bronchitis bacteria. 98.5% of particles that float in the air are less than 1 micron.
92% Minimum Efficiencies - 1.0 to 3.0 Microns 
Includes larger airborne pathogens like bacillus anthracis, mycobacterium, airborne mold spores, fungi, etc.
* 99% Minimum Efficiencies - 3.0 to 10.0 Microns
Includes allergens like skin dust, bed bug feces, pollen, dust mite feces, animal dander, and parts of dead insects. 
* Independant Laboratory Test - ASHRAE 52.2

How to measure - Choose the same size Practical Pleat as your current filter. If you have a 20x20x1 filter, select the 20x20x5 Practical Pleat. If you don't know what size filter your grille takes, measure the opening of the grille where the filter rests within. Practical Pleats are undercut by 1/4" as is standard for filter sizing. Make sure you have 5" of space behind the grille for the Practical Pleat to slide in all the way. For example make sure there are no wall studs in the middle of the grille that will block the filter from sliding in. 

No medical claims expressed or implied.

Practical Pleat filters are built with a 1/4" undercut as is standard for filter sizing.

We are a factory authorized distributor. 

MERV 14 Practical Pleat Return Grille Filter standard sizes:


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