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permatron activated carbon charcoal roll acf-3.2-150-48

Permatron Activated Carbon Filter Roll | 3.2oz. | 48" x 300' x 3/16" | Model ACF 3.2 | Part #ACF-3.2-150-48”

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Permatron Activated Carbon Coated Non-Woven Polyester Service Roll

Part # ACF-3.2-150-48”

48" wide x 300 feet long x 3/16" thick (nominal)

Activated carbon has been proven to remove and prevent odors and fumes from building up in recirculated air. Synthetic media (100% polyester) is impregnated with finely ground, highly porous coconut shell based activated carbon, and heat set to retain those coatings even when the media is rinsed or vacuumed.

Just as a sponge soaks up water, the activated carbon media in air filters adsorbs odors and fumes. Noxious odors are pulled and held by molecular action into millions of tiny pores in the media coating. The odor causing molecules are actually removed from the air permanently, not masked by another odor. The rate of adsorption in an activated carbon air filter depends on the relationship between the pore structure, or surface area, and the shape of the contaminating molecules. Permatron’s activated carbon is ground to an extremely fine particle size to increase the surface area available for adsorption. Air velocity, humidity, odor level and temperature influence the odor elimination process and the life expectancy of the activated carbon in an air filter. At times of high odor generation, air should recirculate through the filter media to achieve maximum effectiveness.

• U/L Classified as to Flammability Only


Media Thickness .187"
Coated Thickness 3/16" nominal +/- 0.03"
Media Weight 3.2 oz. Polyester per Sq Yd
Coating Weight 4.8 +/- 0.72 oz. Carbon per Sq Yd
Total Product Weight 8.0 +/- 1.2 oz. per Sq Yd 
Color Black
Roll Size 48" x 100 LY
Air Permeability (CFM) 650 +/- 100 CFM @ 0.5 in. w.g.


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