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Your payment method is charged at checkout, as it is with most websites. The date of payment and the shipping date are not related.

When you place your order you will receive a confirmation email. When your order ships you will receive a tracking email. There are no updates in between. If you have not received tracking from us at your email address, it has not shipped yet.

Most standard sizes ship within 3-15 business days. Do not ask about your shipment before the 20 day point. Any shipping dates given are estimates.

Some non-standard sizes have an extended handling time. Product pages that offer non-standard sizes list the standard sizes in the description, and the dropdown menu contains both standard and non-standard sizes for you to choose from. Some listings of specialty items state "you consent to any handling time by placing an order."

Filters are in high demand and materials and labor are still in low supply. Rest assured your order is in line and will be fulfilled. 

We offer hundreds of manufacturer direct products and size variants for your ordering convenience, so you can acquire the obscure items that you need. If you need a size added to a product page, please contact us.

The contact form below is the preferred method of communication, we will email you back.

Again, your payment method is charged at checkout as stated in the terms of the site.


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Threats, ultimatums, and unwarranted whining that contradicts the site's policies will not be tolerated. We are here to work with you. Use the contact form for all matters. Do not call for price quotes, use the contact form, please provide specifications for what you need, quotes are done through email only. 570-952-5899 (text is best) there is no voicemail at this number. Do not double call this number, it is not a service bell. We will get back to you when we are finished serving those in line.