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Air filters that fit: Trion Air Bear, Air Bear Cub, 20/20 | Air Kontrol Dust Patroller | Carrier FILCAB0024 | General AC-1 | Goodman | Honeywell FC100A1003, FC100A1029, FC100A1011| Lennox BMAC-14CE, PCO-12C, X0445, PCO-20C | Rheem Rudd RXHF-E14AM10, RXHF-E21AM10, RXHF-E24AM10 | Space-Gard 2200, 2400 | Trane BAYFTR17M, BAYFTAH21M, BAYFTR21M, BAYFTAH23M, BAYFTFR24M, BAYFTAH26M | White Rodgers ACM1000M, ACM1000, ACM1400M, F825-0548, ACM1400M, ACM1600, ACM2000M, F825-0549 | Aprilaire 201, 210, 213, 310, 401, 410, 413, 501, 510, 513 | General Filter | 20x24x5 16x25x3, 16x25x5, 20x20x5, 20x25x5, 12x20x4.25, 19x20x4.25, 20x23x4.25, 24x25x5, 16x22x5, 16x20x5, 16x26x5, 17x26x4, 20x25x6, 21x26x4, 17x21x4.5, 21x21x4.5, 21x24.5x4.5, 16x27x6, 17.5x27x5, 21.5x21x5, 21x27x5, 23.2x20.1x5, 24x26x5, 26x21x5, 16x20x4, 16x21x5, 16x25x4,  20x21x5, 20x25x4, 20x26x5

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