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HailStop® HVAC Hail Guard Netting Master Roll 54" x 50'

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54" x 50' HailStop Master Roll



Protect rooftop HVAC equipment and commercial filters from increasingly frequent hailstorms. Weather and climate-related insurance losses have more than doubled every decade since the 1980s. Reports of 2-inch hail have increased by a factor of 5 since the 1950’s and doubled since the early 2000’s, with similar increases reported for hailstorms overall. Even small hail can damage rooftop HVAC equipment including by bending and denting air intake fins, which in turn blocks air flow and reduces operating efficiency. And larger hail can cause much more severe and costly damage.

money saving product winner logo_117x77BUILDINGS magazine selected HailStop® Hail Guard Netting as an HVAC Fix – 2015 Money-Saving Product winner. HailStop Hail Guard Netting is part of an elite group of products showcased in the magazine’s June 2015 issue.

Hail Guard Netting Protects Valuable Equipment

Permatron HailStop Hail Guard PVC netting offers protection to reduce or prevent hail damage to your AC coils and other equipment, safeguarding your investment in HVAC equipment condenser coils and fins, it is designed to deflect airborne objects and protect delicate fins. Permatron’s HailStop is easy to mount across any type of equipment air intake. In addition, it can be layered behind PreVent® Equipment Protection commercial filters for protection of airborne debris from dust particles to large hailstones. Some of the added benefits of our hail guard netting include:

  • UV Protected
  • Rot Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

HailStop is Easy to Install

HailStop Hail Guard Netting is made of a rigid black polypropylene with diamond shaped openings. The netting is lightweight and extremely easy to install. HailStop can easily be cut to fit using scissors or a utility knife. HailStop hail guard netting can be easily installed using Permatron’s plastic mounting kit. The plastic holding clips have a moveable/locking tab that opens and closes for secure installation and easy removal and cleaning. The plastic mount clips come in two height sizes so that outdoor air intakes and equipment can be protected using both HailStop and PreVent filter screens.

  • Model# MOUNTKIT-SINGLE mounts single layer of HailStop
  • Model# MOUNTKIT-DOUBLE mounts two layers, example one layer of HailStop and one layer of PreVent Model U or Model BHA Filter Screen together

HailStop Product Comes in Three Models

  • Model HailStop50 is sold in master rolls 54″ wide x 50 foot length.
  • Model HailStop10 is an easier to handle service pack for jobs up to 10 tons, and includes a package of 12 single height mount clips with screws.
  • Model HailStop20 is an easier to handle service pack for jobs up to 20 tons, and includes two packages containing 24 single height mount clips with screws and 12 zip ties to secure netting panels side-by-side.

*AirFilterHub LLC is not liable for property damage, loss, etc. due to properly, improperly installed, or failure of the product. This is a preventative product designed to reduce or prevent hail damage, but it is not a guarantee.

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