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Smith Activated Charcoal Pleated Odor Control Filters Choose 1", 2", or 4" (6 Pack)

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All sizes come in a 6 pack. Choose your size in the drop down menu above.

Smith Charcoal Pleated filters remove odors from the air!

These filters are made with an odor absorbing carbon (coconut shell based) impregnated synthetic media, containing 8 grams of carbon per square foot. The frame is rigid, water resistant beverage board. These charcoal pleated filters are also an effective particulate filter.

As opposed to non-pleated panel filters, pleats increase the surface area of carbon exposed to the air stream. For example, if you remove the frame and stretch out the pleated media of a 24x24x2 filter, it contains 14 square feet of filter media. Compared to only 4 square feet in a 24x24 filter pad or flat panel filter. 

Nominally sized with a 1/2" undercut on the length and width, as is standard for filter sizing. The best way to find out what size you need is to measure your current filter.


Activity rating: 60% minimum

Apparent Density: .45gm/ml minimum

Hardness: 95% minimum

Moisture: 2% maximum

Surface Area: 1000m/gm minimum

Kindling Point: 425-452 degrees C

Made in the USA

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