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Practical Pleat 5" Filter for 1" Return Grille - MERV 11 (2 Pack)

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Practical Pleat 5" thick pleated filters are designed to fit in your return grille, with no modifications to the grille required. Simply remove your old filter, and slide the Practical Pleat into place!

The Practical Pleat has 433% greater surface area than typical 1" pleated filters because of the ability to fit more filtering media within the 5" Practical Pleat. This has several benefits: 

Low Pressure Drop 
  • The Practical Pleat's large surface area means low resistance to airflow, and low pressure drop when the fan motor starts and runs, meaning less strain on your equipment
Long Lasting
  • Each Practical Pleat lasts up to 6 operating months
    Saves Energy
    • Low resistance to airflow means less strain on the fan motor and less energy usage
    Reduces Air Noise 
    • Low airflow resistance can reduce noise at the air intake 
    28X Increased Filtering Efficiency 
    • MERV 11 removes smaller particles from the air than standard fiberglass and lower MERV rated filters, while providing greater airflow at the same time due to the large surface area of the Practical Pleat
    Eliminates Filter Bypass
    • Gasket provides a seal between the filter and return grille, preventing dust from bypassing the filter

    Particle sizes filtered by the MERV 11 Practical Pleat:

    0.3 to 1.0 Micron - 32% per cycle*
    • airborne pathogens like smallpox virus, meningitis bacteria, tuberculosis bacteria, anthrax bacteria, bronchitis bacteria
    1.0 to 3.0 Microns - 69% per cycle*
    • larger airborne pathogens like bacillus anthracis, mycobacterium, airborne mold spores, fungi, etc

    3.0 to 10.0 Microns - 87% per cycle*

    • allergens like skin dust, bed bug feces, pollen, dust mites, animal dander,

      Initial Resistance .09 in W.G @ 1180 cfm's *
      * Independant Laboratory Test - ASHRAE 52.2

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