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SpeedLight UV-C Light Dual-Radiant In Duct Air Purifier 16

SpeedLight UV-C Light Dual-Radiant In-Duct Air Purifier 16" Kit

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The SpeedLight ™ is the quickest and easiest installed UV-C Light on the planet! Cut a hole, insert the lamp, powerful magnets hold the lamp in place, and plug it in! 

Includes lamp, mount, and electrical ballast / transformer.

Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your hands, as oils from skin can damage the bulb. Gently clean the glass if accidentally touched.

Powerful Ultraviolet Light - The SpeedLight unit features a powerful 16" Dual-Radiant, 36 watt lamp producing 105uw of UV power. That's double the output of a typical single-lamp unit. More power means greater destruction of contaminants and a cleaner indoor environment. 

UVC in the 253 nanometer range is lethal to microorganisms in the air stream. UVC has been shown to be 99% effective in controlling microbial growth in coil and drip pan area.

Water Resistant Lamp Connection

6' Lamp Cable

Magnetic Mount

24V, 110V, or 230V Power Supply Available

UL & CE Listed Electronic Ballast

3 Year Warranty on Power Supply

Lamp Life - 9000 hours / 1 year




Installation Instructions

Owner Manual


Replacement Parts Here

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