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3-Ply Ring Panel Filter blue white polyester tacky

3-Ply Ring Panel Filters Blue/White Polyester Dry Tack (24 Pack)

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Environet 3-Ply Ring Panel Filters. 24 pack. Please choose your size in the dropdown menu.

These panels are typically used for air make up in paint booths or in HVAC dust capture applications.

Air entering layer is 1-1/2" thick poly, air exit layer is 1/2" needled small denier poly. Environet ring panels are constructed from two layers of synthetic polyester media thermally sealed around a 0.148" galvanized wire. A support wire and radial bonds in the center of the panel keeps the media from sagging and fluttering to prevent dust migration. A 1" overlap of media around the support wire ensures a positive seal and no dust bypass. Each layer of media has multiple fiber deniers (fiber diameter) which graduate from course to fine for maximum dust loading and efficiency. A latex resin dry tackifier is added on the downstream side as added dust migration prevention. 

Media layers are graduated density for optimized dust loading and high energy efficiency.

Airtight seal is crafted with our unique overlapping edge to prevent dust bypass. 
Made in USA
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