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isoclean CM portable self contained HEPA air cleaner

Envirco IsoClean® CM Portable HEPA Air Cleaner (UV Light Optional)

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ENVIRCO IsoClean CM Portable HEPA Air Cleaning System

The IsoClean CM is a portable, in-room air cleaning system that significantly improves indoor air quality. Each IsoClean CM comes equipped with two air filters; a MERV-8 anti-microbial prefilter to capture large pollutants and a high capacity HEPA filter that has efficiency to capture 99.97% of air contaminants @ .3 microns. Engineered to provide the optimum combination of efficient HEPA air cleaning with multiple air changes per hour, the unit can help minimize the spread of airborne diseases. The unit has an efficient variable speed centrifugal blower with adjustable fan speeds to control the number of air changes per hour.

How It Works

The IsoClean CM is designed to draw unfiltered air into the lower portion of the unit. The air passes through a 2 inch antimicrobial prefilter before passing through a 99.97% efficient high capacity HEPA filter. ASHRAE is currently recommending a MERV 13 rating to combat airborne pathogens. HEPA filtration provides an even greater line of defense. The IsoClean CM provides a large number of air changes per hour to continually improve indoor air quality.

Portable, Vertical Footprint

The IsoClean CM can be rolled from one room to another and easily fits into areas with limited floor space. The 115 volt unit plugs into a standard wall receptical.

    Variable-Speed Adjustable Airflow

    The IsoClean CM provides effective air filtration for a wide variety of room sizes with airflow ranging from 400 to 1700 CFM (680-2888 m3/hr).

    Quiet Operation

    Designed to produce a very low operating noise level to work efficiently in almost any environment. Adjustable fan speed allows for reduction is sound level as the airflow is reduced. At minimum airflow, the sound level is negligible 48 dBA. At maximum airflow, the sound level is 69 dBA. A normal conversation at 3 feet away is approximately 65dBA.

    High Capacity HEPA Air Filter

    The HEPA filter is tested for efficiency utilizing non-toxic polyalphaolefin(PAO) to ensure that every filter meets the required efficiency specifications.

    Room Air Changes Per Hour

    Provides 6 room air changes per hour (ACH) in a 1700 sq. ft. space or 12 room air changes in a 850 sq. ft. space. Assumes 10 foot high ceilings.

    Low Cost Isolation Room

    An easy and economical solution for creating a negative pressure, isolation room. Simply roll the IsoClean CM into a standard room, connect a flexible ducting to the optional 14 in. (355 mm) collar on the top of the unit and vent the purified air to the exterior through a window or wall.


    26" x 57-3/4" x 24-3/4"

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