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hailstop clip and screws

HailStop® or PreVent® Mounting Hardware Kits with Screws or Magnetic

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Choose your kit in the dropdown menu.

The plastic mount clips come in two sizes so that outdoor air intakes and equipment can be protected using HailStop and PreVent filter screens alone or combined (stacked).

  • Model# MOUNTKIT-SINGLE (S12 or S100) – Mounts HailStop or PreVent Model U or BHA alone as a single layer
  • Model# MOUNTKIT-DOUBLE (D12 or D100) – Mounts HailStop and PreVent Model U or BHA Filter Screens layered on top of each other (stacked)

Labeled in the dropdown menu:

Mount Kit S12 - Single Height - 12 mounting clips with screws

Mount Kit S100 - Single Height - 100 mounting clips with screws

Mount Kit D12 - Double Height - 12 mounting clips with screws

Mount Kit D100 - Double Height - 100 mounting clips with screws

MagnaMount® - Single Height - 12 neodymium magnet mounting clips

*Kits with washers are available in the drop down menu, use washers with the mounts to hold polyester filter pads or other soft media.

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