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maxistatic electrostatic washable filter

MaxStatic™ Electrostatic Washable Permanent Air Filter

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The MaxStatic™ is a low resistance electrostatic permanent washable air filter. It uses passive electrostatic attraction to trap airborne particles. By the use of air flow and static electricity, this filter picks up fine particles of dust and dirt. Available in both stock and special sizes. 

CONSTRUCTION: The MaxStatic Electrostatic Air Filter won't rust, and contains no foam! It's media consists of a combination of expanded aluminum and woven electrostatic polypropylene screen, assembled in alternating layers to assure maximum filtering and internal loading capabilities. This pad is enclosed in a heavy 1 piece aluminum frame, securely riveted at one corner. Filtering element shall be processed from electrostatic woven polypropylene, and sheet aluminum, commercially known as 3003-H22, .025 in thickness, expanded to .050 strand. Frame shall be made from sheet Aluminum 3003-H14, .040 thickness.

PERFORMANCE: This Low Resistance Electrostatic Filter meets manufacturer specifications for low initial resistance to air flow. The filter is designed for applications such as industrial, commercial, schools, office buildings, and hotels where a permanent filter is recommended. It’s recommended to keep the fan circulating in the furnace to make your MaxiStatic Air Filter most effective. Maximum operating temperature on the Electrostatic Filter is 250 degrees F.

Built with a 1/2" undercut on length and width dimensions, and a 1/8" undercut on thickness. 

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