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PermaFlo Green MERV 8 Rigid Polyester Filter 60' Roll - 1" Thick - Choose Width

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PermaFlo Rigid Polyester Air Filter

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PermaFlo Green

Its outstanding arrestance efficiency, coupled with a MERV rating of 8, underscores its exceptional filtration capabilities.

Non-woven polyester is a synthetic air filter media. The fibers are randomly dispersed in all directions through an air laid web. This forms a uniform media of high strength, rigidity and durability. A high volume of contaminants can be trapped within the complete depth of fiber, and the media can be installed without a metal frame.

PermaFlo is a fantastic alternative to hogs hair filters and a high performance, and an economical alternative to disposable pleated air filters, with lower initial resistance to air flow.

A Better Mist Eliminator – rigid nonwoven polyester media is more effective in collecting water and mist. The media keeps water out of equipment because the types of mist (liquid and air) cling to the fiber material, without absorbing moisture or sagging in moist environments. 

Features and Benefits

  • Self-supporting, rigid polyester fiber with a proprietary binder
  • Media is washable and will stand up well in moist applications
  • Media can be easily cut-to-fit as a stand alone air filter or placed within a pad stabilizing frame
  • Average arrestance efficiency 1″= 89.4%
  • Dust Holding Capacity 114 grams
  • Initial Air Flow Resistance 1″= 0.18″ 
  • MERV Ratings – Green 1" = 8
  • UL 900 Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Self Extinguishing –FMVSS 302 Certified
  • Antimicrobial Spor-Ax- prevents growth on filter
  • Maximum operating temperature 200°F (use at 200°F can cause softening, prolonged use can cause media to become brittle)

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