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PermaFoam Pleated Foam Filter - Permanent, Washable, Reusable (1" or 2")

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CONSTRUCTION: The Perm-A-Foam Filter is a permanent washable pleated filter. The media in all Perm-A-Foam filters consists of one sheet of 1/8” Scott foam, sandwiched between two corrugated layers of aluminum mesh (one layer of aluminum mesh on each side of the foam). The media pad is enclosed in a heavyweight aluminum frame, secured at one corner with rivets. This filter is designed for higher dust holding capacity. To clean, simply wash under the faucet in the sink, let dry and replace. The temperature range on the Perm-A-Foam is 250 degrees F.

PERFORMANCE: Resistance when clean is .085 at 350 fpm air velocity.

MATERIAL: Frame shall be made from .040 Aluminum. Filter media shall consist of one sheet of 1/8″ Scott foam corrugated between two layers of .020 Aluminum mesh (one layer of mesh on each side). To clean simply wash under the faucet in the sink, let dry and replace. Should last for years if properly maintained.

Nominal size - 1/4" undercut on length and width dimensions, 1/8" undercut on 1" frame thickness. 1/8" to 1/4" undercut on 2" frame thickness.

A note about washable filter frame thickness:

All washable filters have the same amount of filtering media no matter the thickness of the filter frame. The frames are available in many sizes to allow users to install the filter into varying widths of tracks, slots, grilles, etc. This eliminates the need for modification of the track/slot/grille/etc. when switching from one type of filter to another, i.e. switching from a 2" thick pleated filter to a washable filter. All washable filters must be washed monthly; so they are made with enough media to work as designed and allow for proper dust holding capacity until the monthly wash is required. A thicker frame on a washable filter does not contain more media nor is the media doubled up or thicker in any way, as this would restrict air flow. The advertised efficiency and air flow remains the same throughout all thicknesses of washable filters in each of their respective LxW dimensions. In filtration, the efficiency is the particle size a filter will capture. 


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