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PreVent Fan Filter Bonnet - Washable

PreVent® Bonnet Fan Filter for Front of Fan - Washable

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MEASURE UP and OVER the front half of the grille as shown in the video below. For flat faced barrel fans see the photo below the video. Do not use the fan size listed on the fan.

Choose your size in the dropdown menu above. Contact us if you need a size added.

The PreVent fan bonnet filter fits over the circular front side of a fan grille to stop dust and dirt from blowing out into the environment.

How to measure:


The Permatron PreVent Washable Fan Bonnet Filter is made of white electrostatic polypropylene and includes an elastic edge. Black UV resistant polypropylene is available. Single filter included in purchase price. More sizes available, contact us here with your size requirement.


  • Bonnets, vents, and socks are custom sized, and available with custom mount options like pull tabs and drawstrings depending on the application requirements, for easy installation and cleaning maintenance. Double layer available, contact us for a quote.

  • Average arrestance efficiency 44.5% single layer, 63.6% double layer

  • Initial air flow resistance 0.04” w.g. single layer, 0.06″ w.g. double layer media

  • Dust holding capacity 53 grams single layer, 61 grams double layer

  • U/L Classified As to Flammability Only

  • Five-year warranty


Fan and Motor Bonnet Filter Media Pass AIB Food Processing Inspection (Article)

Processing plant workers, as well as items manufactured with heat, require air cooling. Typically this cooling comes from recirculating fans that blow onto the product before it can be packaged or onto workers manning the assembly line. Unfortunately, the mobile and pedestal style air circulator fan components can also become covered in airborne contaminants as the equipment air intake draws in facility air, picks up the environmental particles which then spread throughout the motor, blades and fan guards, and can potentially be blown back out into the facility and onto the finished product.

AIB Safety Audit and Inspection guidelines used in food processing plants include Dust Collection and Filtering Devices be put in place to prevent possible contamination to food products from threads, lint and fibers. Bonnet filters or fan shrouds would enable a facility to pass the AIB audit.

PreVent® equipment protection bonnet fan guards, fan shrouds, vent caps, ceiling diffusers and inlet/outlet sock style filters are also available in washable electrostatic polypropylene.

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