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Smith Activated Charcoal Pleated Odor Control Filters 1", 2", 4" (6 Pack)

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Smith Charcoal Pleated filters remove odors from the air!

These filters are made with an odor absorbing carbon (coconut shell based) impregnated synthetic media, containing 8 grams of carbon per square foot. The frame is rigid, water resistant beverage board. These charcoal pleated filters are also an effective particulate filter.

As opposed to non-pleated panel filters, pleats increase the surface area of carbon exposed to the air stream. For example, if you remove the frame and stretch out the pleated media of a 24x24x2 filter, it contains 14 square feet of filter media. Compared to only 4 square feet in a 24x24 filter pad or flat panel filter. 

Nominally sized with a 1/2" undercut on the length and width, as is standard for filter sizing. The best way to find out what size you need is to measure your current filter.


Activity rating: 60% minimum

Apparent Density: .45gm/ml minimum

Hardness: 95% minimum

Moisture: 2% maximum

Surface Area: 1000m/gm minimum

Kindling Point: 425-452 degrees C

Made in the USA

Typical handling time - 10 business days (may vary)

*All sizes are sold in a 6 pack. Sizes are in the drop down menu above. If you need a size but it is not listed, please contact us.