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speedlight jr uv light kit for hvac air conditioner

SpeedLight Jr UV Light In Duct Air Purifier 14" or 16" Kit

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The SpeedLight Jr is easy to install- just follow the included instructions to cut a hole, insert the lamp, and plug it in! The Speedlight Jr can be up to 99% efficient in suppressing the microbial growth on the coils inside your home's HVAC system. Eliminating growth on coils results in greater energy efficiency, cleaner indoor air, reduced coil maintenance, and extended lifetime of equipment.


  • Powerful magnets hold lamp in place
  • Ceramic lamp base (not plastic)
  • Plug in to any 110 electrical outlet or wire to any 110/230 electrical source
  • 24V, 120V, 230V Available (select from the drop down menu above)
  • 14" and 16" Available
  • Includes lamp, mount, and electrical ballast / transformer

Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your hands as oils from skin can damage the bulb. Gently clean the glass if accidentally touched.


Owner Manual

Installation Instructions


Replacement Parts Here

For Professional Installation


3 year warranty on power supply, 1 year warranty on lamp

120V plugs directly into a standard outlet

24V must be wired to the proper transformer as outlined in the manual


Made by Filtration Manufacturing Inc.

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